FighterBoyy vs Zoli
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Uploaded on 2011.I.10 by FighterBoyy

Originally published on 2010-10-17

Just a little friendly grappling.

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Comments (10)

kuntzman says on 2014-08-20 22:24

the tanktop guy needs to take it off.

iwantfur says on 2012-06-01 22:42

I would have like to have seen fig4 / headscissors

meshwesh says on 2012-01-05 13:23

new to this site and signposted from Allfighters. Nice friendly match - with good one sided control. Would love to see more erotic matches but I guess that's just my preference. I cant imagine why Youtube took these sorts of videos down!

Krush (deleted member) says on 2011-08-16 16:47

don't like hearing music when I'm watching a fight so I couldn't sit through it

slookm says on 2012-02-24 03:42

(In reply to this)

Uh, mute button. LOL I like the music,I just lower the volumn a bit. All you matches bring something for most everyone. I see and learn. Thanks man

meshwesh says on 2012-01-05 13:24

(In reply to this)

i agree completely

JULUEN says on 2011-07-24 19:48

Good fight

Hood says on 2011-05-26 09:00

Wish they had grabbed each other's junk

blacksocks108 says on 2011-02-01 14:40

Too bad you didn't wear black socks yourself

Ladron fr says on 2011-01-17 22:59

I love the way you softly take advantage to submit your opponent !