Bench pressing 105kg
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Uploaded on 2011.I.10 by FighterBoyy

So.. This is me bench pressing 105kg, which is a little over 1.5x my weight. I kind of set this goal for the end of May a few months back, and here I am now! The first one I did on my own, I needed help on the second one.

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Comments (8)

WisconsinDave says on 2015-08-16 07:17

Very hot! Enjoy watching you work out!

AbmanZA says on 2013-02-28 16:13

Saving up for a trip to meet you!!!

FighterBoyy says on 2013-02-28 16:22

(In reply to this)

Let me know when :)

wrestle14 says on 2012-04-01 21:41

nice pecs man, would love to battle you on the mats

Joeboxer89 says on 2011-12-26 16:14

Good you have a boxing friend to train with, love he's got his hands wrapped ready for gloving up.

worshipper says on 2011-10-04 20:50

Like them BIG & Strong.

hwiroy says on 2011-08-06 04:32

FHBA = Future Hungarian Bad Ass!!!! are soooo on your way to the FHBA title dude! ' AWSOME!

tiger2 says on 2011-05-10 19:59

practice makes perfect-work on it dude