gutpunching and rollin

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celtwrestle says on 2011-03-19 07:50

Hey Fighterboyy - Would you be including Hong Kong in your future travel plans?


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FighterBoyy says on 2008-12-08 15:25

Hi scissordude!

I'm not sure why you find my videos stimulating, but I'm glad that you do.

Unfortunately it's a lot harder to get the lighting right for wrestling videos, and I don't usually have a person handy to operate the camera. What I do is not a "professional" product, but has a rather lowtech and homemade feel. Perhaps that is what makes it special for you.

What makes you think I'm American? I'm Hungarian, and I live and work in Budapest (and sometimes in our neighboring country, Austria). I've been invited to the U.S. a number of times, but for now I have no plans to go. I've been to America four times, and I've seen a lot of it. I still have the rest of the world to explore, and only one lifetime to do it!

Visa requirements from Hungary to the US were abolished about three weeks ago, and that increases the chance for a US tour slightly. Previously getting a visa was a time consuming and slightly annoying process. I'm still not inclined to go, my next target is South America, the last continent I've never been to.

P.S. About pinning me: good luck with that. :P


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scissorsdude says on 2008-12-05 02:40


i find it interesting that u keep ur tv in the closet. i used to keep mine there too, but now it's somewhere in the garage.

i'm not into recieving or giving g punches at all, but i find your videos extermely stimulating. to what do you attribute this phenomenon? i especially enjoy you're wrestling videos, although the video quality leaves something to be desired.

i have been into wrestling all my life, think it's genetic or something. would really enjoy rolling around with you. once i have pinned u, i would like to try punching you as you lay on the mat beneth me. i think that that would be really hot.

you are american, yes? may i ask what you are doing in budapest? i'm sure that you're many american fans would join me in inviting you here. how about a grand gutpunch/wrestling tour of the u.s.? each person could pay $50 to appear in a video either trading punches or rolling around with you. i would be greatly honored to act as you're manager/tour guide for such an endeavor.



p.s. i'm losing my hair too.